Vinyl Liner Pool | Mountain Pond in Oxford / Electric Aquarius by Concord Pools and Spas (NY)

Vinyl Liner Pool | Mountain Pond in Oxford / Electric Aquarius by Concord Pools and Spas (NY)

Bring It All Together with Swimming Pool Lighting

September 8th, 2020 by

A well-designed pool transforms your backyard into a personal vacation destination. Landscaping sets the scene with foliage, stones, back-to-nature elements, and cove-style hideaways. Swimming pool lighting brings it all together, enhancing your poolside nights with the fantasy and drama of a moonlit paradise. Available pool lighting options give you the flexibility to illuminate your backyard pool any way you choose.

Your poolside illumination scheme doesn’t have to bring a fantasy to life. It can be the simple, elegant answer to your need for enhanced nighttime safety and visibility. When you have a variety of illumination requirements, your lighting choices can give you the safety you need while presenting the grand fantasy you desire. Your pool lighting elements can perform the tasks that are most important to you.

  • Upgrade safety
  • Add pure illumination
  • Add to or enhance existing pool color
  • Draw attention to artistic décor
  • Highlight waterfalls and features
  • Showcase pool landscaping

Enhance your pool with custom lighting

Pool lighting isn’t just about spotlights. Available options provides design flexibility that gives you a variety of effects as well as shining light exactly where you need it.

LED lighting

Pure, white LED light enhances your pool with beauty, visibility and sense of personal safety when you swim at night. Innovative designs give you the power to illuminate your pool features at the edge, perimeter and beneath the water’s surface with elegant and dramatic results.

New molding technology has produced LED lights that are compact with more features and functionality to fill your aquatic landscaping needs. The end result is pure, white light that you can arrange to complement any poolside configuration.

Vinyl Liner Pool | Rectangle in Natural Blue by Porter Landscaping (ON)
Vinyl Liner Pool | Rectangle in Natural Blue by Porter Landscaping (ON)

LED Color Changing Lights

Even when your poolside plans don’t include a schedule of parties, your friends and family will love the exciting, instant party atmosphere made possible by LED color changing lights. These beautiful LED lights offer a multi-color synchronized display that can be adjusted to suit your mood. When you prefer a steady glow, you can lock your lights on a single color.

Available disco lighting mode adds a hint of excitement and playfulness to ordinary poolside days and nights. When you’re feeling the party spirit, the synchronized movement of color keeps your mood on track.

Create the Pool of Your Dreams

The right swimming pool lighting can help make all of your poolside experiences safe, dramatic, colorful, and playful. With a wide variety of pool lighting options, the selection is easy and the choice is yours. Start planning your pool – nighttime swims included.

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