Pool Party Ideas for Spring Events

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Do you run into an idea wall when you think about how you can use your pool without actually using your pool? Pools at parties are not limited to being used solely for swimming. In fact, with very little effort, your pool can be a wonderful centerpiece to the entire celebration. Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your pool.

The calm waters in a pool can make beautiful backdrops to weddings. Some couples choose to have platforms or bridges placed over a pool to get married on the water. Other ideas include floating decorations like candles or flowers to help create a lovely nighttime ambiance during a reception. You might even consider a temporary fountain placed in the center to really catch the eye.

Celebrate your retirement around the pool with linen-covered tables, comfortable chairs, and lights strung across the pool. The glow from the lights reflecting on the water fosters a warm inviting feeling. Add some hors d’oeuvres plus some light music and you have the perfect retirement party.

Graduating is a major milestone for everyone. Simple decorations that are fun and make a statement include floating balloons with light sticks in them for a neat glowing effect. Add some streamers and colorful tablecloths with some snack foods to feed everyone and you are set. Play some music to really get the party started.

Everybody Dance
While there is usually room to dance around a pool, consider a platform on top of the pool to be used as a dance floor. There are clear platforms, wooden platforms, and mechanical platforms that can be installed and used to dance the night away. Adjust the music for any event from weddings to kids’ parties. Add some fun lighting and some decorated tables to complete the look.

Prom After-Party
No prom is complete without an after party. This is a great opportunity to use the pool as a backdrop to the after party by decorating it with bright glowing balloons and a table full of food for the party goers to enjoy. The right music will make this prom after party a night to remember.

Birthday Parties
Birthday parties are always fun, but no one ever said you have to get into the pool to have a birthday party. For a science fiction themed birthday party, you could set up a sea monster to make it look like it is coming out of the water. For a pirate themed birthday party, you could have miniature boats floating in the water or a giant pirate ship in the middle of the pool. If you happen to enjoy mermaids, you could have an Under the Sea theme and pose mermaids around the edges along with some floating flowers.

Pools are so much more than swimming areas, as they can enhance the overall atmosphere of any party. The right decorations coupled with the right theme will help you realize a party that will be talked about for a long time to come. Join our mailing list below for more creative ideas on how to make your backyard the center of your lifestyle.

Editor’s note: Origin post date 5/2017. Updated for relevance. 

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