10 Reasons To Build a Pool in the Fall

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When it comes to buying and installing a pool, spring would be the season that would initially jump to mind. The cold weather has abated, and the really hot summer weather, also know as “pool season,” is right around the corner. But for so many reasons, the ultimate time to have a pool constructed in your backyard is the fall.

Installing a backyard pool in the fall may sound counter-intuitive to everything you think about pool ownership but there are some definite advantages to installing later in the season.

If you need convincing, just think about these ten reasons:

  1. By waiting until the weather is starting to cool, you miss the height of pool-building season, and have a better chance to find a contractor without a lot of other jobs to divert their attention.
  2. The moderate temperatures of fall lend themselves well to working outside. The construction team won’t be thinking about how long it is until they can get inside in the air conditioning, meaning they can concentrate fully on building your pool.
  3. You will probably want to landscape after the pool is finished. What type of weather do you want to be outside working in?
  4. As the height of pool season winds down, and dealers begin looking at their year end numbers, you may be able to negotiate better prices or take advantage of overstocked or soon to be discontinued inventory.
  5. If you start building in spring, with the hopes of having the pool built in time for birthdays, holidays, etc., an unexpected spring shower can throw your whole timeline off. You can rest easy knowing that your pool will be up and ready to go for summer if it gets started in the fall.
  6. Getting your pool built in fall means when the mercury starts shooting up in spring, you are already prepared to start spending time in your new pool.
  7. Construction of the pool deck generally comes after the pool is built. Building the pool in fall allows you to split up the construction of pool and deck, and gives you a chance to save money all winter for the completion of the deck, instead of one giant outlay of cash in spring.
  8. Fall construction gives your yard a chance to recover over the winter before summer comes.
  9. If you are installing a spa or hot tub along with your new pool, what better time to enjoy it than during the fall and winter months?
  10. Taxes – As you approach the end of the year remember that your pool is not only a major purchase but also is considered a home improvement which can be claimed on your taxes.  Imagine opening your pool in the spring and getting a nice tax refund within weeks of each other.  That’s borderline backyard zen.

So did you miss this year’s pool season?  Maybe.  Should that hinder your desire to build a pool this year?  No way. Contact an independent Latham Independent Builder in your area now to set up your own fall install, and be ready to fully enjoy summer when the warmer weather is here to stay.


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