Pool Construction Advancements Make Pools Last Longer

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Ten years ago, a consumer’s expectations of how long their pool would last and what kind of maintenance they would need to do to make it last was quite different than it is today. Research in pool technology trends has led to several advances in the swimming pool construction industry that are of great benefit to consumers.

More Eco-Friendly

The swimming pool industry has made significant advances in energy conservation. Pool and spa lighting using LED lamps lower your power bill as well as conserve energy. There are pool sanitation devices now that use UV light systems to reduce your need for chlorine and still keep the pool clean. Fiberglass pools act as a natural insulator and absorb solar heat, allowing your heater and pump to run less and save energy. Solar powered skimmers make pools that are constantly under attack from leaves less trouble to keep clean. There are also solar discs you can toss in the pool that harness the sun to heat up the pool during the day and keep it warm for that evening swim.

Technology Trends

Years ago, backyard swimming was mainly recreational: kids jumping in and out of the pool, playing tag or swimming to the bottom to retrieve swim toys, and mom and dad lounging on rafts. The options for size and shape were pretty standard, but because of pool technology trends you will now see dozens of options for the in-ground pool or spa.

Ultra-Seam liners are a new product that will give your pool a beautiful look without those faded lines you’ll see in older pools with standard liners. Ultra-Seam hides the seam so you have a beautiful and consistent pool bottom, and the technology also makes the floor seams stronger, giving your liner a longer life.

Pool Safety

Pool safety has improved exponentially since the six foot fence and locked gate. You’re now be assured of your pets’ and little ones’ safety, knowing that when your pool is not in use there’s an automatic cover over it guarding against disaster. These covers roll out and secure the pool with the touch of a button and will also prevent leaves, bugs and debris from building up.

One of the newest technological advancements for automatic pool covers is the touch pad with safety alerts. This connects you when you’re away from home via your internet connection and gives you vital information regarding the status of the automatic pool cover. If you are away from home and your pool cover is opened, it will send you an alert. It will also contact you if the pool has been left open for longer than usual.

The covers are custom-built to fit your pool and can also reduce maintenance cost by conserving heat, chemicals, and electricity. Pool covers also keep out leaves and bugs.

Pools are lasting longer, so pool maintenance is easier, and supplies cost less. It’s now easier and less expensive to own a swimming pool and have your own little piece of paradise.

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