Boost Fitness Goals with Pool Exercises

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An inground pool offers an abundance of benefits for you, your home—and your health. It’s a great way to elevate fun and your fitness goals without leaving the comforts of home.

Having an in-ground pool can be like having your own backyard gym in which you can exercise in regularly to help meet your fitness goals. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, increase mobility, or simply looking to maintain your body, optimize your health and get the most out of your investment with a few poolside workouts.  

  • Swimming laps
    It’s an obvious exercise if you own a pool, but it’s also one of the most beneficial forms of exercise you can do. Swimming laps works out every muscle in your body, from your legs and arms to your back and stomach, not to mention it helps to drastically improve your endurance. Take your time and go for distance (swim as many laps as you can) or sprint laps, which is swimming as quickly as possible from one end to the other. If you do sprint laps, be sure to warm up your body beforehand by swimming a few normal laps first. Both of these exercises can be done in a regular pool, although you could consider installing a fiberglass lap pool as well.
  • Bicycle kicks
    Bicycle kicks are a great way to work out your abs when you’re on dry land – when you’re in the water, they become even more effective. This exercise works your core, shoulders and legs simultaneously and doing this exercise is pretty easy. Lean against the side of the pool facing away from the edge, place your elbows on the edge, then lift your legs up. Bend your knees and begin kicking in a circular fashion (like you’re riding a bike). To ensure your safety, make sure you do this in the shallow end of your pool.
  • Flutter kicks
    These are similar to bicycle kicks, except they’re the other way around. Hold onto the edge of your pool while facing the edge and kick your legs to keep your body afloat. Focus on kicking quickly rather than lifting your legs out of the water. To truly get your heart rate up, kick from the hip instead of from the knee– you’ll feel the difference!
  • Jumping jacks
    Yes, you can do jumping jacks in the pool, and they can be much more effective in the water. Your legs will have to push through extra resistance in the water, which offers an intense strengthening exercise for your legs. This workout is a little tougher to do in the water and requires extra focus to keep your balance. Your natural buoyancy will make it easier for you to tip forwards or backwards. Start these in shallow water and move to a depth you feel comfortable with.
  • Jogging
    You may feel a little bit silly trying to run in water, but it’s a fantastic workout and an excellent way to lose weight. Moving quickly through water is a challenge with the resistance it will provides, which makes jogging from one side of the pool to the other quite a task. Consider doing this exercise in the shallow end of the pool.

Take the plunge and elevate your pool exercises as you work toward your fitness goals. Make sure to always consult with your physician before performing any new exercise.

Looking to ramp up your workouts even more? Just hit play on this Latham-inspired Spotify playlist for your pool workouts.

Editor’s note: Originally posted 3/2018

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