Vinyl Liner Pools | Rectangle in Natural Grey

Vinyl Liner Pools | Rectangle in Natural Grey

Top Tips for Pool Storage

September 21st, 2022 by

Tips for Storing Unattractive Pool Equipment

When it comes to swimming pool storage, don’t feel the need to box yourself in. Pool equipment is never attractive, so why not tuck the unattractive away into something charming? These pool storage tips and trends will help inspire you to turn your yard into an outdoor living room.

Pool Storage Idea: Designer Pool Houses

In order to create an outdoor space that’s perfect for storage but is also wonderful for living, working, and entertaining you need to be aware of one of the best online resources. has photos and inspiration for designing and building elegantly executed pool and storage buildings. Pool house and storage combinations on the site include units constructed in traditional, contemporary, and artsy styles.
The site offers a variety of interior and exterior ideas for finishing your designer pool house. Exterior examples include trendy color combinations, glass, cedar, natural wood, paint, and wall sculpture. In addition to storage, these pool house interiors offer work, food preparation and play areas.
Latham Fiberglass Corinthian 16 | Crystite Classic Sapphire Blue inground pool
Fiberglass | Corinthian 16 in Crystite Classic Sapphire Blue by Marty Harper Construction, Inc (SC)

Pool Storage Idea: Converted Garden Shed

One easy way to create the coveted look of a fancy pool house on a budget is to convert a garden shed into pool storage. During pool season, this can be the perfect place to put large floats when not in use, as well as to tuck away toys when planning a romantic date night near the pool.

Garden sheds can be found at most home improvement stores and last for many seasons. While they don’t offer the comforts of a pool house, they provide a clean closed area to store pool toys during pool season as well as pool equipment like ladders and railings during the off season.

Vinyl Liner Pool | Mountain Pond in BLUE MOSAIC
Vinyl Liner Pools | Mountain Pond in Blue Mosaic by Swim Sports Inc (MA)

Pool Storage Idea: Storage Bench

If your house is the party place, consider adding an all-weather outdoor bench that doubles as extra seating. Most often made of durable plastic, these benches are easily assembled and ready to use. Pool storage benches are the perfect solution if you have young children and lots of toys — just toss them in and shut the lid for an easy clean up!

Vinyl Liner Pool | Rectangle in OXFORD / ELECTRIC AQUARIUS
Vinyl Liner Pools | Rectangle in OXFORD / ELECTRIC AQUARIUS by A1 Pools (LA)


Pool Storage Idea: Design Your Own

A wooden obelisk for pool equipment storage

Sometimes unique is always better. For storage that’s bespoke to your backyard, you may consider designing your own unit from scratch. One of the more intriguing storage ideas on Houzz is a unit constructed in the shape of an obelisk. If you’re not up on your Egyptian-style architecture terms, an obelisk is a pillar that is usually square at the bottom and shaped like a pyramid on the top.

One side of the obelisk pyramid opens up like a door, allowing storage for your long implements. The unit shown on Houzz was built for garden equipment, but it’s an original idea for pool maintenance equipment storage.


Choose the Best Pool Storage for Your Family

Creating the best pool storage starts with first identifying what you’ll need to store. Will you need to hide pool floats on a windy day and also tuck away the seasonal safety cover? If so, a larger shed or pool house might be the best storage solution for you. Do you need a quick and easy storage solution to toss pool toys at the end of a day of splashing? Then perhaps a bench or bespoke solution is best for you. Either way, summer days and nights are full of endless fun when a swimming pool is involved. The mess is temporary, but the memories will last a lifetime.



Editor’s note: Originally published 2015. Updated for relevance and clarity. 

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