7 of the Most Incredible Poolside Hammocks

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You don’t always have to be taking a dip in your backyard pool to enjoy your personal oasis. Propping a chaise lounge near the water’s edge is nice too, but for the best in poolside lounging, your pool should really have a hammock nearby. When you start designing your pool landscaping, make sure to leave a spot for quiet de-stressing.

Choosing the Perfect Poolside Hammock

There are a number of great hammock designs that fit with whatever motif your pool area represents. Besides the basic designs and sizes, the material you choose can make a big difference. Polyester is attractive and comfortable, and can add a splash of color. Natural fabrics like cotton are even more comfortable, doing a better job of conforming to your body’s shape.

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Fiberglass | Fiji

Great Poolside Hammock Ideas

  • For the simplest approach, simply stringing one up is perfect. The trees provide all the shade you need, and when winter comes storage is as easy as untying the hammock and putting it away.
  • Most hammocks will come with the proper equipment for hanging. Metal frames offer the simplicity of placing the hammock wherever you’d like, while still giving you plenty of design choices.
  • To preserve the rustic feel in a yard without trees, invest in a “natural”-looking stand. As simple as two poles stuck in the ground, or as complex as you’d like, a wood frame can retain the style you are going for, especially when used with a fiber hammock.
  • For a more stable design that can handle more than one relaxer, consider a four-point frame.
  • The best hammocks find a little bit of shade. If your backyard pool area lacks natural shade, create your own by mounting the hammock under a pergola.
  • You can always push the envelope on what’s considered a “hammock” by linking wooden pallets then stringing them from either trees or a wooden frame. Set a mattress on top of the pallets, and you’ve got the perfect summertime napping spot near the pool.
  • For the ultimate in relaxation, make sure your backyard hammock is located next to an inground pool and spa combo.

Originally posted 2/2016. Updated for relevance. 

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