File A Warranty Claim On Your Safety Cover

To file a warranty claim online please read your warranty and understand what is covered under your terms and conditions. Our product warranties are based on the number of years the product has been in use. There are two periods of time associated with your warranty: Full Warranty Period and Pro-Rated Warranty Period.

Full Warranty Period,
Contact Your Dealer

If your product is in the full warranty period and you believe that you have a warranty issue per your terms and conditions of the warranty DO NOT contact Latham Pool Products, Inc., instead contact your original retail seller / dealer and they will work with us to review the warranty issue.

Pro-Rated Warranty Period,
File Online with Latham

If your product is in the pro-rated warranty period and you believe that you have a warranty issue per your terms and conditions of the warranty, please review the items required to submit a warranty claim online.

Latham Pools Warranty Claims Process

1. Get Ready

Review the checklist below for the photos and other information needed to file a warranty claim.

2. Submit Claim

Fill out the online form providing all the required details of your warranty claim.

3. Review

Our warranty claims specialist will review the information you’ve provided.

4. Settlement

If the warranty claim is approved or invalid, a warranty claims specialist will email you with the results.

Pro-Rated Warranty Claim Checklist

Below is a list of all the information needed to file a Pro-Rated Warranty Claim for Latham Pool Products. Once you’ve gathered all the information required, scroll to the bottom of the page and begin your warranty claim.

Safety Covers

Manufacturing Defect: Separation of a sewn joint.

  • Serial number of the Safety Cover, you can find the serial number on the barcode located on the warranty document. If you don’t have your serial number, please follow up with your Dealer / Installer.
  • Date of Installation and Date you noticed the issue.
  • Photos of Overview of your swimming pool, photos of separation of a sewn joint to validate your claim.
  • Copy of Warranty (if available.)
  • Your contact information, including Email, Phone Number and Home Address.
  • Dealer / Installer contact information, Phone Number and Home Address.

Begin Your Warranty Claim Online

Okay, so you have all of your information together and you are ready to file your warranty claim, click the button below to begin the process.