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No swimming pool is complete without a pool cover to perfectly complement and finish the look and function of your pool. From solid mesh to automatic, there are so many swimming pool cover options to choose from, with more colors, textures, and finishes to add a unique look and feel to your backyard.

The perfect pool cover can make your pool safer and even enhance the overall appearance. Pool covers are practical, easy to install, and even easier to use. Here’s some helpful information to ensure you find the right pool cover for your backyard.

Swimming Pool Cover Options

Pool Cover Colors

While color options will vary based on which brand or type you choose, standard pool cover color options include shades of blue, as well as more neutral colors. Today, green and blue covers are the most inviting, popular choices for homeowners, but you can also find shades of black and gray as well as Earth tones to complement virtually any backyard or color scheme.

Swimming Pool Cover Options

Automatic Safety Cover Colors

Automatic safety covers, which offer the benefit of shielding your pool from the elements with the press of a button, aren’t only easy to use, they also offer the same level of quality and variety when it comes to pool cover color options.

At Latham Pool Products, we offer 10 standard Coverstar pool cover colors for you to select from for your automatic safety cover, as well as custom colors to help you find the exact shade and finish you’re looking for. Select our vibrant Aqua or Light Blue to add a fun, bright, tropical vibe in your backyard. Or if you’re looking for a more classic, neutral finish, opt for the more traditional Grey, Charcoal, or Black. Explore our full list of automatic safety cover options and fabrics.

Coverstar Automatic Safety Cover

Swimming Pool Cover Options

Pool Cover Fabric and Materials

Depending on the type of pool cover, the materials used to create the cover will vary. Most pool cover fabric is constructed of vinyl, and unlike other brands, Coverstar uses a heat-sealed keder material to form a webbing This material has greater resistance to abrasion, and the elements, like UV damage and harsch pool chemicals.

All Latham Pool Products covers are made with Coverstar fabric, which offers the highest levels of strength and durability. This is a product of advanced vinyl formulation, which uses a top-of-the-line coating process and closed polyester weave for superior performance. The result is a strong, tear- and abrasion-resistant pool cover that you will last for years to come.

Swimming Pool Cover Options

Pool Cover Track System

A pool cover track system determines how your pool cover is retracted. There are three types of track options: under track, top track, and recessed track systems. The difference between these three options is how and where the track system is installed. Before moving forward with installation, be sure to decide how you want your pool cover track system to look and function, a pool dealer or installation expert can help you find the right option.

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