How do I clear up my cloudy pool water?

Contaminants buildup: When swimmer wastes and other contaminants build up, the result is “combined chlorine”. Shock the pool!!!

Chemical residue: Using a calcium hypochlorite shock such as (*Shock *Sock-It *Shock-it *Burn Out *Break Out) can result in a residue build up and cloudy water. If the water looks like chalk or milk, it is usually the result of using a lot of calcium hypochlorite shock. To use this type of shock, especially in vinyl liner pools to prevent bleaching of the liner, you must:

  • Fill a bucket about 1/2 full of water
  • Add Shock – do not stir – let sit for a few minutes – pour only the liquid into the pool
  • Discard the residue
  • Do not try to dissolve the residue

Water Out of Balance: A high pH, high Total Alkaline or High Calcium Hardness will cause cloudy water. Test the water!!

Algae: Algae is a possible cause of cloudy water.

Poor Filtration: Is the filter system running a significant number of hours every day? During the swim season, the filter needs to run a minimum of 10 to 12 hours daily.

Pools with cloudy water or algae.

  • Adjust pH to 7.2-7.6
  • Add algaecide
  • Add shock
  • Add flocking agent
  • Run filter 1 hour – turn off & leave off overnight
  • Next day vacuum to waste

Metals: The presence of metals in the water such as iron (reddish-brown), copper (blue-green) or manganese (brown-red) can cause cloudy water. To remove the metals:

  • Add 1 quart flocking agent
  • Add 1 quart Majestic Blue
  • Run filter 1 hour; turn off overnight
  • Vacuum to waste
  • When pool is completely clear, add a stain & scale preventer to remove any stains
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