Swimming Pool Rails, Ladders, & Diving Boards

At Latham Pool Products, we have more than 60 years of experience designing and installing custom-made swimming pool ladders and safety rails. A trusted name nationwide for over half a century, Latham supplies durable, quality-tested rails and ladders to fit any type of inground or above-ground swimming pool.

Swimming Pool Rails, Ladders, & Diving Boards

Pool Rails

Pool rails are affixed to the deck near the edge of your pool, providing a sturdy and stable structure that swimmers can use to help hoist themselves in and out of the water. Rails are also helpful to people outside of the pool, which can be slippery when wet from splashing. Inground pool rails are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, from contemporary arc designs to the classic P-shaped figure four design. While many people prefer a traditional chrome finish, pool rails are also available in solid colors like white and taupe.

Other than shape and color preferences, there are also some practical factors to consider when choosing and pool rails. For example, how high should the railings be? How far should they overhang the surface of the pool? And where, precisely, should they be placed around the pool? We will help you answer these questions as we go through the design process together.

Swimming Pool Rails, Ladders, & Diving Boards

Pool Ladders

An inground pool ladder is a small, partial ladder that is attached to the deck near the edge of the pool. Swimming pool ladders allow swimmers to get in and out of the pool easily, while simultaneously providing a handhold where swimmers can pause and rest from the action.

Ladders can be simple or ornate, with some even featuring their own built-in steps.
Like pool railings, vinyl pool ladders must be carefully measured and strategically placed to ensure maximum utility.

Swimming Pool Rails, Ladders, & Diving Boards

Rails, Ladders & Diving Boards from Latham

At Latham, your safety is our priority. As a “feet first” company, we recommend against swimming pool diving boards, which can increase the risk of serious injury.

To reduce the possibility of accidental injury, all vinyl pool diving boards should be in accordance with manufacturer guidelines.

Rails and ladders make your pool safer for children and adults, both in and out of the water. That translates to fewer accidents, lower costs, and ultimately, a lot more fun. Let the experts at Latham Pool Products help you choose the perfect accessories and add-ons to upgrade your pool today. With more than half a century of experience at the forefront of the industry, we are committed to creating better, safer pools — always backed by our lifetime warranty.