Vinyl Liner Pool | Custom in Fresco II by Bancheri Bros. (ON)

Vinyl Liner Pool | Custom in Fresco II by Bancheri Bros. (ON)

Give Your Tired Pool a Facelift

March 19th, 2015 by

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to assess whether your backyard landscape, design and functionality will meet your summertime expectations. Upgrading your outdoor living space before the heat of summer hits will allow you and your family to enjoy your renovations while relaxing poolside. While there are many small projects you can tackle yourself, from installing cool water misters to replacing your outdated and uncomfortable patio furniture, here are some basic yard enhancements that are better off left to the professionals.

New Vinyl Pool Liner

If your pool is looking tired and worn, it’s likely that your pool liner needs to be replaced. From mosaic and geometric designs to realistic rustic stone look-a-likes, there are a variety of elegant patterns available through your pool builder, including 3-D pool liners that mimic mosaic Italian tiles and handmade Spanish tiles.

In addition to adding design, color and flair to your pool, the newest Ultra-Seam liners have virtually no visible seams and are designed to be low maintenance, easy-to-clean, and UV-resistant against sun damage.

Water Features

Ranging from sheet waterfalls cascading over boulders, to bubblers these features add the soothing, noise-blocking sound of falling water to boost your pool area’s ambiance. You can build a water feature above your pool in a mound of boulders or through a small retaining wall on the side of your pool liner. Whether your style is wild and natural or elegant and refined, a thoughtfully planned water feature will blend in with the overall surroundings while also adding much-needed backyard drama. Ask your pool builder about what features they recommend to improve the ambiance.

Pool Deck Facelift

Of all the upgrades in your pool remodeling project, a new pool deck makes the most dramatic aesthetic impact on your pool, patio and other outdoor living areas. The latest trends in hard surface decking is paver designs, outdoor floor tiles and stamped concrete designs such as Stamp Crete. For an organic look, flagstone and other natural stone treatments are very popular. Choosing your decking design and color at the same time as your new pool liner will ensure that the styles are cohesive and flow together seamlessly.

If you already have an existing concrete deck, consider applying a spray on cement coating with a textured finish, a colored Kool Deck finish, or a temporary pool deck coating, for a quick update.

Another popular option is a concrete and wood decking combination of pine, redwood, recycled or composite materials. A wood and concrete mix adds curves and nuance to your pool. The wooden decking can be raised off the ground or installed over your concrete deck as a veneer.

While you are renovating your pool deck and replacing your vinyl liner, don’t forget to ask your pool builder about pool coping – the newest styles for pool coping include brick, stone, and even cantilevered decking that incorporates the coping and deck.

LED Pool Lighting

While you are upgrading your pool liner, it’s a good time to refine your underwater pool lighting. Replacing your old lighting with energy efficient LED pool lights will highlight your pool in the evenings, and adding multiple lamps will enhance the dramatic effect.

Once you have completed your pool remodeling project and have updated the surrounding deck and patio areas, you’ll be ready to tackle smaller projects such as trimming shrubbery, planting flowers and arranging the furniture in your outdoor living areas.

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